A Painting Finds a Home in Wisconsin

During the month of May, I celebrated my new website with a Free Giveaway of an original painting. On June 1, Ellen Greenlund from Wisconsin was the lucky winner of my piece, "Interpretations of Conflicting Ideas." Ellen was one of over 125 folks who entered and was randomly picked using RandomGen from Google and then selected from a randomly exported list of entrants into and Excel file.

This was a great experience. I enjoyed the interplay of all the entrants posting comments through my social media channels about how they wished to win.

Ellen was so appreciative in her comments to me upon winning the painting. She even went so far as to send a video message which you can watch below. I'm so glad to see my work in such a good home.

If you would like a print of this painting go to: https://bit.ly/2XR5ySF

There will be continued monthly giveaways for prints, watercolors and at times original paintings. Stay tuned!