Abstract Painting or Underpainting?


In this video I take you on my creative journey preparing my canvases for my unique Flower Paintings or not.

Over the last couple of years many of my friends (artists included), fans and followers have asked me to leave some of my underpainting canvases untouched.  Many consider them finished abstract painting unto themselves. I had a visitor in my studio back in early 2019 who said that he really loved the abstract pieces, in some ways even better than the flower ones. I asked the visitor why? The answer was interesting. He told me the pieces were calming and brought him to places of thought that was like meditation.

I had to question, “What about my flower paintings?”  I was told they were wonderful, but they caused the mind to question things that were going on. That in his mind the viewer had to work at understanding the directed storyline/content of the piece.

I guess that will be another story for another day. What I know is that I like both and understand in my heart that I can have more than one direction in my art.

Time will tell how things progress. I do know that I’m having the time of my life making art.