3 Artists Share the Maine Coast

Diane Beem, Joe Devenney and Adrienne Kernan LaValée bring their unique visions of Maine through a shared love of landscape.

The beautiful coastal scenes these 3 artists share is different, yet the similarities are evident which draws their vision to me, and I hope to you as well. Light and color dominates each of their approaches. Both Lavallée and Beem are painters while Devenney, a photographer shows the skill of seasoned artists with much to say.  

Adrienne Kernan LaValée

I first met painter Adrienne Kernan LaValée in art school at UMass/Dartmouth back in the early 70’s. Her travels as an artist and teacher led her to finally settle on the Maine coast where she breathes life onto her canvases. The beautiful colors, light and painterly approach make her a truly special artist. It is not often one can feel a place through the eyes of an artist. The nuances of a place are her forte, combining a painterly style with an impression of place, time and mood.

Her work has been shown in countless galleries and adorns the walls of collectors around the world. You can find more of her work on her Etsy Website by CLICKING HERE.
You can keep up to date with her work on her
Facebook and Instagram pages.

Joe Devenney

If time serves me well, I met Joe Devenney in the late 90’s as the Creative Director for Offshore Magazine. Joe was our go-to photographer for everything Maine and would photograph our destination pieces. From time-to-time I would travel up to meet him and we would go out on the water to catch the early morning light for that perfect cover shot. Joe has the knack of finding that perfect scene to show it in all its glory. I’m always amazed by the colors and depth of each photo and I’ve seen many. His work has been seen in countless publications and his prints can be found in many collections. To see more of Joe’s work, check out his website by CLICKING HERE
You can keep up to date with his activities on his Facebook page.

Diane Beem

I was first made aware of Diane Beem when a friend noticed her work on Facebook and recommended that I take a look because of her color and approach. Diane states that she works out of the Fauvist traditions. Those traditions came out of the early 20th Century France with a radical use of unnatural colors that separated itself from its usual roles of representation in art. Her work depicts Maine in a way that is truly her own and I believe energizes the viewer with a sense of beauty and joy. An accomplished artist you can find her work in galleries and many collections throughout the world. Visit her Maine landscapes on her website along with other subjects she depicts by CLICKING HERE.
o keep up to date with Diane’s daily activities you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Written by David Dauer. All rights reserved. Copyright April, 2020.
David is an artist and designer who writes about other artists who share the passion for their craft.